School Sponsoring Body

ELCHK exhibits the spirit of Christianity and puts emphasis on the delivering of six virtues in education (spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetics domain). Under the Sponsoring Body, there are 7 kindergartens, 8 primary and 4 secondary schools. Our school is the eighth primary school operated by the ELCHK. In Yuen Long, the established Yuen Long Lutheran Life Kindergarten, ELCHK Lutheran Academy and the ELCHK Yuen Long Lutheran Secondary School have been well received by parents.
School motto: Faith, Hope and Love
Bible Scripture  God is love. (1 John 4:16)
The mission of ELCHK Lutheran School

ELCHK Lutheran School aims to nurture a Christian character in our students through whole-person education by instilling biblical values and a healthy lifestyle. We strive to provide a rich language environment for learning and an all-encompassing curriculum so that our students can acquire a high proficiency to master Bi-literacy and Tri-lingualism. We also aim to develop their multiple intelligences and high-order thinking ability through both the formal and informal curricula. As a provider of quality education, we are committed to preparing our students to become global citizens who are happy to learn, skillful in communication, eager to shoulder responsibility and courageous in innovation.

School Advisory Team

Dr Cheng Chi Keung

Associate Professor, Department Of Curriculum And Instruction, The Education University of Hong Kong

Dr Tso Sek Kwong

President Of Family Learning Association and the Chairman of International New Standard Education

Teaching Characteristics

School Facilities

Our school implements small class teaching (at most 25 students / class). Through the application of co-operative learning and cross-curricular learning, we hope to develop students’inquiry abilities and will also extend their learning beyond classroom. We also aim to enable our students to acquire a high proficiency to master bi-literacy and tri-lingualism as well as high-order thinking and critical thinking abilities.



School Facilities

18 classrooms, whole school wireless network, whole school equipped with solar window films on windows and LED tube lighting, School Hall, Computer Room, Laboratory, Music Room, Centralized Library, 3 Vending Machines, Medical Room, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court, 2 Badminton Courts and Running tracks.


Student Growth Support Team

School Facilities

Besides the Principal, administrative staff and teaching staff, we also have school chaplain, school nurse, social worker and educational psychologist to take care of the whole-person development of our students.


School Fee

School Facilities

We are a Christian private (non-profit making) primary school. School fee for 2018-2019 academic year is $51,000, which is to be paid in 10 instalments.



Mainly use English as the MOI
Use Putonghua / English as the MOI
Physical Education
Use Putonghua as the MOI
Chinese and Putonghua
Use English as the MOI
English, Drama, Mathematics, Science, General Studies, Visual Arts and Computer Studies
Use Cantonese as the MOI
Life Education (Teaches Value Education, Green Life, Social Skills, Team Cooperation, Problem-solving, Communication and Financial Management Skills), Biblical Studies and Current Affairs

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ELCHK Lutheran School is a Christian private (non-profit making) school operated by the ELCHK.
Under Education Ordinance Chapter 279, our Registration Number is 15126.

School Address: No. 10, On Shun Street, Yuen Long
School telephone: (O) 2479 1830 (O) 2479 1262