School Mission

ELCHK Lutheran School aims to nurture a Christian character in our students through whole-person education by instilling biblical values and a healthy lifestyle. We strive to provide a rich language environment for learning and an all-encompassing curriculum so that our students can acquire a high proficiency to master bi-literacy and tri-lingualism. We also aim to develop their multiple intelligences and high-order thinking ability through both the formal and informal curricula. As a provider of quality education, we are committed to preparing our students to become global citizens who are happy to learn, skillful in communication, eager to shoulder responsibility and courageous in innovation.



To spread the Gospel,
and to live out the faith.


To provide an all-round education,
and to emphasize the application of learning in daily life.


To foster a rich language-learning environment,
and to promote multi-way communication in school.


To develop students’ potential,
and to nurture them to solve problems positively.


To uphold love as the mainspring of education,
and to inspire students to serve the society as caring and responsible citizens with God’s love.