Teaching Characteristics

Teaching Characteristics

In order to provide an authentic language environment for our students, we will use foreign textbooks to teach English. Moreover, 2 lessons per week are assigned to teach RWI synthetic phonics so as to enhance the four English skills of our students.

Our school teaches RWI phonics and teaches students the skills of sounds blending and segmenting, in order to build a solid foundation of English pronunciation.

The seamless integration of the 44 pure sounds, storybooks, writing exercises and stimulating activities will definitely enhance

students’ interests in English learning and boosting their confidence to use English as the medium of learning.

In Chinese lessons, we will use an effective phonics teaching methodology to help students to master Putonghua sounds. Such methodology can enhance students’reading skills and comprehension skills. In Chinese teaching (Putonghua as the MOI), we will use the “Reading Enhance Writing” and “Advanced Cooperative Learning Strategies” to gradually train our students the four language skills and integrated problem-solving ability.


Homework & Assessment Policy

1. ELCHK Lutheran School emphasises on quality of homework instead of quantity of homework. Our homework design is geared to stimulating students’ thinking and application in daily lives.

2. Chinese, English and Maths homework is issued on Mondays to Fridays. P.1 and P.2 students will need to spend about 1 hour to finish their homework, about 1.5 hours for P.3 and P.4 students, and about 2 hours for P.5 and P.6 students.

3. There are 2 exams in each school year, with 1 exam for each term. Progressive assessment for each subject will be conducted based on students’ learning progress.


Allocation of Lesson and Lesson Time

(Full day schedule - 42 lessons per week, 35 minutes per lesson)

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