The subject introduces basic science concepts and knowledge to our students, and equip our students with skills that make them little scientists. There is a laboratory in our school where students can do experiments and science-related activities under teachers’ supervision.



Our teachers offer students opportunities to learn science outside classrooms. Fun and inspiring activities were held during STEM week.

Future curriculum development

In order to respond to the rapid global development of STEM (i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and the introduction of new General Studies curriculum, the curriculum of our science subject will be reformed as STEM starting from school year 2019/20. The STEM subject will include the science units in the General Studies syllabus. Students are expected to be equipped with science knowledge and scientific skills. At the end of each school term, students will complete a STEM project under teacher’s supervision, which they can practise their observation skills, logical thinking, problem solving skills, cooperation skills and creativity. This is an integrated project since students have to apply their science, mathematics and computer knowledge to accomplish the project.

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